Jan Serneels

Manager radio rental

April 27 2018, 12:13

On April 20 and 21 Les Scouts organized their "Très Grand Rassemblement" in Louvain-La-Neuve. More than 25 000 scouts of all ages and from all corners from Belgium gathered to experience an unforgettable time. Together with more than 5,000 escorts and animators, the Baladins, Louveteaux, Eclaireurs and Pionniers enjoyed a radiant sun and participated in various activities and games.

Just as in 2012, at the previous major gathering in Brussels, the Scout Association now also appealed to ASP to deliver the communication network. It goes without saying that communication plays an important role in the organization and coordination of the event. On Saturday, King Philippe and Premier Michel also visited, which in addition to the general coordination, also involved an important safety aspect.

Facts & Figures :

° 400 portables
° 25 mobile stations
° 15 base stations
° 24 channels with 14 re-enforced
° gepersonaliseerde badging (100 ) en labeling ( 400 ).

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