Frequently asked questions

Over what distance can you communicate using a walkie-talkie?

The range of a walkie-talkie is determined by the transceiver's power as well as the conditions or surroundings. The more powerful the transceiver, and the less signal interference there is, the greater the range. In theory, in ideal circumstances a 4-Watt portable radio can transmit over a distance of 3 km. In a city, however, this range can quickly drop to 500 metres.

What is a repeater?

If a regular walkie-talkie can’t achieve the required range, you can use a repeater. This device amplifies the signal, thus providing a larger range.

Which accessories do I need?

A speaker/mic is included as standard, but sometimes it is recommended to go for a customised accessory. In a noisy environment, or if you need to be discrete, you can also request an earpiece/mic or in-ear/mic. For extreme circumstances (front stage) headsets are also available. These not only block out the background noise but also have a special microphone which allows you to communicate even in noisy environments

How many chargers and spare batteries do I need?

If you have chargers for half the devices as well as some spare batteries, you have more than enough to be able to work without interruptions. A battery also fits in the charger without the device and is fully charged within an hour.

How long does a battery last?

A lithium-ion battery usually lasts 10 hours. A device uses most energy when it is transmitting. If a user speaks a lot, the battery will run out faster. If someone just listens, the battery can last up to 2 days.