Frequently asked questions

What does the license cost depend on?

The license fee depends on the following parameters:

° The duration of the license
° The moment of application
° The type of device
° The number of devices

The duration of the permit: in Belgium the license fee is calculated per month. If the duration lasts, for example, 3 months, the cost will be multiplied by 3.

The moment of application: if an application is launched 6 days or more before the start of the period of use, the administration cost will be charged once. Up to 2 days before the start, that cost will be charged 1.5 times and after 2 days it will be charged twice.

The type of device: Different rates are used for fixed ( ex base stations ) and portable or mobile devices ( ex walkie talkies ). The transmission power and bandwidth of the equipment also play a role. The more transmission power and / or bandwidth the more expensive the permit gets.

The number of devices: unlike many other countries, the number of devices is important in Belgium.

Do not forget to use our license calculator to quickly calculate a cost: Tools & support - License Cost Calculator

How do we apply for a license?

ASP can take care of your license applications. So you don’t need to worry about finding the right documents or getting in touch with the right person

Why do I have to apply for a license?

In order to be able to use professional equipment, you as an end user are required to apply for a license from the BIPT (Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications). They make sure that you are assigned available frequencies.

What does a license cost ?

The cost of a license is determined by the period, number of devices and the power. You can use our handy tool to calculate the license fee : Tools & support - calculate license cost

Are there any devices for which you don’t need a license?

Yes, the PMR-446 devices and the digital versions (DPMR-446) do not require a license. The Kenwood TK3401D is part of our range: Products - Walkie Talkies - Kenwood TK3401D

Does anybody check whether you have a license ?

Yes, the BIPT has its own inspection service that regularly visits events. They even have the authority to seize any devices if the necessary permits have not been requested.