Frequently asked questions

What does the dispatching service include?

At medium to large events, we recommend having a central contact point that makes sure everything is on track and passes all important information to the right people straight away. This dispatcher manages the messages and follows them up closely.

The dispatcher is equipped with a base station, complete with an external antenna and a power supply. This means that the dispatcher has a bigger range than a regular walkie-talkie user and is therefore able to forward messages.

Is it possible to personalise labels and badges?

When you rent equipment from ASP, we always make sure that each device has its own unique label. If you like, we can also add the logo of your event, the name of the user, and a unique number. These labels are, of course, waterproof.

Can I also rely on Radio Rental for technical support on-site?

ASP Radio Rental not only supplies and installs the necessary equipment, but can also provide technical assistance. A professional team stays on-site for the entire duration of your event and ensures that all communications run flawlessly.